Welcome, General! Until last year, the mead business couldn't have been better.
But then that horde of evil, mead-stealing, green-skins turned up and stole our machinery.
At times like this, a mead-maker's got to do what a mead-maker's got to do.

So put down your mead mugs and get those axes sharpened. These are dark days, my friend. But we will not rest until we have taken revenge for every last drop of stolen mead!

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  • No flying cows in the final version.
  • More alcohol than you can shake a beer mug at.
  • 40+ different units - and half of them are green.
  • Great minigames - watch out for anvils!
  • Superior graphics - forget ugly 3D, we're ugly in 2D.
  • Adorably violent - fun for all the family.
  • Child-friendly (yes, even the bits with booze!)